Monday, August 04, 2008

A year later… Gotta close this blog...
I came back from Seoul on the 1st August 2007. The first month in Paris was strange. Out, the excitement from conferences, Seoul. Paris-August… Getting used again to France was a bit hard. Then, came the “I’m looking for a job to pay for my MBA”. Fine. Found a job in a public bank at the communication department. Started the MBA thing…
A year later… Korea was a great experience. I sometimes miss the Aska I was there, quite audacious, broke but free. 2007-2008 was kind of a strange year, filled with duties. The finance/accounting harassment, a sometimes boring job. Hopefully, there was the orchestra that helped me in overcoming the stressful moments.
Anyways, I do hope I’ll go back there, still have a lot of places to visit, still have friends there…
Wish you also a good read if you’re just discovering this messy blog.
Cheers, A


Anonymous said...

pourquoi pas:)

gerovital said...

Je pense que vous avez une belle vie
La Corée est mon pays préféré
et Paris est ma ville préférée

Anonymous said...

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