Friday, July 06, 2007


So, I'm still in Kyoto, met Pr Yamada at Nichibunken this morning for a thought provocative interview, and still digging in the Nichibunken data base. Incredibly rich. I feel like a mouse in front of a big big piece of cheese. Mind teasing!
For those of you who think that I'm crazy sitting in front of a lap top without moving around in Kyoto, don't worry. I also enjoyed as much as I could Kyoto!
Yesterday: Arashi yama
Today: from Ginkakuji to Gyon
Pics soon... and more detailed stories as well
til then, be patient.
For those wandering why I talk about Japan while I am petitesourisencoree... Hahahaha

Am going back to that veeeery rich database, before leaving Kyoto tomorrow, off I go to Nara

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