Monday, June 18, 2007

Clubbing in Hongdae, Dano Festival

I guess I had one of my last week ends in Seoul. Makes me very strange to think so, yet it’s true, I’m leaving soon the country, I’m leaving soon Asia…
Friday night, I met again Amy and Renate fromYonsei, together with other students from Seoul National and JP, a mixed blood from France, also a reader of my blog (note to my blog readers: I like putting a face on those who read anonymously my blog! A bon entendeur!). We had a couple of soju drinks at Hippo bar before going clubbing in Q vo. For those who know, yes, it is a hip hop club, and yes, I’ve been there (as we say in French, only stupid people do not change…). Met loads of people, had a fun night. The hardest thing was to meet the sun with the first subway. Yes, felt like a miss dracula.
On Sunday, I’ve been quickly to the Dano festival in Chungmuro. Actually, to be honest, it was less exciting than expected. Did I feel there was something “fake” in it, or was it me having enough of Korean folk? I know I have missed a few things at that festival. I’m also acting as if I want to leave a few things to do and see in Korea, to let me come back here one day, I guess. Then, had a drink at Nabi, with Caro and friends.
Feel like I’m preparing myself to leaving the country…
Will post pics from the Dano Festival soon

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