Wednesday, June 27, 2007

en route vers Nagoya...

Tomorrow I'm leaving to Nagoya, for Cultural Typhoon Conference...
The two first weeks in Japan should be exciting. I'm visiting Osaka, Kyoto and Nara, on my way back to Tokyo. A week of travels on my own. Hope that it won't be too rainy. Anyway, travelling on my own in Japan should not be a problem (I speak Japanese!!)
But... yesterday, had dinner with my friend Ha that I had not seen for ages because she's trapped by studies (KDI make them become bookworms, poor Miss pijama!), then walked around Hyehwa. My parenthese enchantee in Asia will come to an end, soon, too soon actually, I guess, when things started getting exciting, and that I felt settled down in Korea. I'll miss Seoul. Yesterday, I met again the old lady that is always so nice and sometimes treat me with cakes and odeng. Did not have time to chat with her, and say her good bye. Feel a little weird; maybe I'll see her again today. If not, I'll tell the odeng ajumma to say good bye for me... No more odeng, corn, or cakes ;(

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