Wednesday, June 13, 2007

tears and life

When I was younger, I guess I used to be less vulnerable to bad news. These days I grew up I guess. Life’s been unfair with relatives, people connected to my family. Happy moments of my childhood float around in my head. Happy moments to which I cannot go back, too old for that. Losing the landmarks of one’s childhood may be the negative yet one way of projecting oneself in adulthood. As death and illness is striking randomly people who are dear to me, as fate will remain unfair, I decided I will enjoy every tiny bit of life; so that I will never regret the day that passed. The secret of a perfume of tomorrow. Say thank you to the people you need to thank, say I love you to the beloved ones, because you never know what tomorrow brings. Bitter are the regrets about the words of love that were muted.
Aja aja fighting, you mouse...

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