Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ways back home

Two days ago I was off to Chuncheon, meeting my boss for the last time before he leaves Korea and before I leave definitively Korea as well. Well, my boss is always abroad, and I would be the one saying/thinking, “oops, you’re coming today at the office, ottoke…”, he is quite of a traveller.
Discussed about my research projects and articles, “you are ambitious” (translation: grand ideas, poor evidence).
Had that meal in Chuncheon, trying the delicacy called dakgalbi (diced grilled chicken ) in dakgalbi geori (dakgalbi street). Was delicious. I guess my boss was expecting me to be willing to go to some posh places, asking me, so, what’s your favourite meal in Korea, do you miss French food (I guess he wanted to go to a French restaurant with Yumi and I initially) but I insisted that I wanted to try that Chuncheon speciality before leaving… which was worthy and enjoyable. For those who think, chicken -> bird flue, let me tell you that prices for dakgalbi have risen because of a better quality of the meat… Unfortunately, my cam was low batt so no pics for once.
Well… we discussed and discussed. I may as well leave the country on the 1st August, as scheduled in the beginning… Well, I was thinking of prolonging my stay as well, until the end of August because of a number of good reasons (conference in Pusan, friends, boyfriend…) but there are also bad reasons (financial reason, super hot summer in Korea…). Maybe the 1st August is the right time for me to go back home. Enough to appreciate Korea, and be departing early enough not to be saying good bye to my friends who also plan to leave Korea in August. Better not be the last one leaving…
So, the end of this stay is getting closer and closer… In a week, I’ll send off my winter stuff and my books back to France. In three weeks, I’ll be cleaning and freeing my mousetrap for ever, off to Japan the mouse. Kinda strange to think of going back home. Will my friends be missing me and counting down the days before I come back? How was France when I was out? Will people still recognise me or do I stink kimchi??
Time flied. There were ups and downs as in everything, but no regrets. If I had to renew the experience, I would, definitely. Was worth it.
Korea has changed me in some ways. Abroad, you get tougher as well as more vulnerable. My heart got definitely more vulnerable these past months or week. That’s called being a human being after all, says a mouse that’s been mourning all day long her second mom/nanny.

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