Monday, June 11, 2007

Life's unfair.... in a mourning mood

I am angry against life. Seems that destiny decided to bite every person that's dear to me. My nanny passed away recently... Feel a bit like an orphan. My parents, as they are artists, often had tight schedules when I was a child, and she used to take warmly care of my sister and I. She was kind of a second mother for my sis and I, gave us a lot of enjoyment during my childhood. I owe her my artistic sensibility and my being keen on design and architecture. We used to promise that when she is as old as a granny, we will cook her the cookies from the swiss receipe she learned us. I hate not keeping promises... but life decided differently, against our will.
Rest in peace, Bea... This world has lost a person that has given joy and principles to a generation of children she took care of.

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