Sunday, May 20, 2007

Advice to Korean girls coming across this blog.

My past six months in Korea have learnt me something. Trying to imitate Korean girls was totally useless and unsuccessful.
I cannot fit in all of your clothes. Seems that my glamour shape will never fit Korean jeans, shirts, etc. I am sorry I look too feminine for this country… I like your fashionable clothes though. But sometimes, I feel scared about your skeleton figures… Please, look at yourself and notice that your body does not reflect health…
I cannot wear high heels all day/week/month/year long. I like it though. Korea is a paradise for shoe lovers. I just indulged once in a pair of high heels, that’s it. High heals are cool to go to Apkujeong, or Gangnam, or Seocho, because it’s close to my home, but that’s it. Technically impossible to survive in a pair of high heels during a mad afternoon shopping in Dongdaemun, or flaneuring in Hongdae (mmm, the ups and downs and the streets filled with holes…) in the afternoon and/or the whole night.
I cannot look perfectly made up as you. Even if I try hard, I always look like a tiny panda at the end of the day, though I’m using the best make up brands, like Lancome or Shu Uemura, right?
But… noticed one thing. According to the Korean female standards, I would be
a) the less well balanced girl out of town (hide these boobs, hide this bump, hide these hips that do not exist among Korean girls),
b) the less trendy in terms of cute shoes (yes, I think first, is it flat, can I run after the bus/subway with these, then I think “are they cute enough?),
c) I don’t dress up super well, yes, I buy things in Dongdaemun, and they’re not designer stuff,
d) my make up does not survive more than an hour.

In spite of all that, the arrival of spring has revealed that I can be a charming girl to the eyes of many Korean charming guys, there’s a guy that loves this little mouse without all the Korean sophistication thing, that loves his little mouse just as she is. I am still researching the reason why this happened. There’s only one explanation to this, to my eyes. Be yourself. You’ll be your best clothes advisor/bodybuilder/shoes advisor/make up artist for yourself. Just be yourself. Easy and difficult, I know…


Madame Choi said...

Oh, mais la souris aurait-elle trouvé l'amour ? Et avec un coréen qui plus est ? Je le lui souhaite de tout coeur. C'est pour ma part la meilleure chose qui me soit jamais arrivée.

sourisencoree said...

Chère Madame Choi,
Oui, un Coréen ensoleille mes journées à Séoul. Pour combien de temps encore, seul l'avenir le décidera! Parce que, comme vous le savez, les couples multiculturels, c'est un challenge de tous les instants...

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