Tuesday, May 22, 2007

work, souris, work...

Spring -or, shall I say summer- is there. Proofs?
- mosquitos loving me fondly in the night
- a crave for icecreams around 11pm. Hopefelly, 7/11 is open,I can buy some... Convenience stores are my best buddies these days
- the office is becoming less and less welcoming. Too hot in it. My bedroom is just simply not a bedroom but a sauna. I should stay out right? Terraces are soooo welcoming and tempting.

Spring/Summer is not the best period to feel like working.
got that email yesterday. Have some new work projects ("Watching TV makes sense: the consumption of television programs in Asia and the emergence of a public sphere"). Not recycling my Korean studs paper on Almond chocolate. I'm innovating... so I have to go back to studies, work... parrri parrri, as we say in Korean. Just mmm 5 weeks to brush up my eternal paper on Korean studs and write that new paper. Alalala, want some rainy days from Monday to Friday to motivate me, so that I stay locked up in the office.... grumble grumble
Why does the nicest period of the year in Korea should coincide with the busiest???
Life's not perfect, definitely

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