Monday, May 07, 2007

Agenda: to do things in Seoul in the coming weeks

KIAF 2007 will be taking place at the COEX's Pacific Hall and Indian Hall on May 9---13. A springtime art bonanza, KIAF 2007 is expected to be Northeast Asia's biggest art fair, bringing works of contemporary artists from around the world under one roof. The key to the fair is diversity, and at last count, there is plenty coming to the COEX in May. The fair's tremendous scope --- 208 galleries from 18 countries --- includes representation by world-famous artists Paik Nam June, Damien Hirst and Gerhard Richter, but also reaches outside the box to showcase the talents of young upstarts. Paintings, drawings, photography, along with sculpture, video installations, and three-dimensional expressions of creativity, will be on view. These media and previously unimagined combinations therein, will be represented at KIAF 2007. For information on all the excitement KIAF 2007 has to offer, call (02) 6000-2501~3 or email


The Uijeongbu Music Theater Festival will be taking place at Uijeongbu Arts Center on May 11---27. The Uijeongbu Music Theater Festival is a major performing arts festival bringing performing arts troupes from all over the world to Uijeongbu, one of Seoul's northern suburbs. The international program includes Heiner Goebbels's "Hashirigaki," Hershy Felder's one-man act, "George Gershwin Alone," Argentine group "Fabricando Sonidos" and more. The domestic program includes Uijeongbu Opera Company's rendition of "Carmen," the Korean musical "Maria Maria," and a performance by the Gyeonggi Provincial Traditional Music Orchestra. Many additional sidebar events will take place as well. For more information, call (031) 828-5845 or visit

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