Friday, April 20, 2007

back in Japan

Hi all,
So, I arrived yesterday evening at Narita, did not know how I would get there alive (was too tired after the anthropological night in Chuncheon lol), thought I would die in the airplane (I do not recommend to have a cold when you travel on a plane: very very bad earaches...), but I'm there, fine!
I'm supposed to be back to conduct a tiny bit of research, we'll see.
For now, I'm just appreciating the Spring sceneries, the green forests around (remember, I left Seoul with its bare trees and cherry/magnolia blossoms). Shall admit that it's nice to be waken up by nightingales' singing voices (don't miss the kimchi smell from my neighbours' breakfasts in Seoul).
There's a pile of bad books to be read, books to be translated (my internet connection is my ombilical tie to the office... Very globalisation trend: I can work anytime, anywhere actually), tigers to flourish in my dreams (because of the translations). There are thousands of new places I have to see in Tokyo. Friends to meet. A few interviews shall be done, if I have time and luck. We'll see...
The bad side is, I feel I came back home at the wrong period of time, a grand uncle passing away, an grand auntie maybe suffering from cancer, but, that's part of life. Whenever I come back to Japan, I feel I am back home in some ways,and try to assess how much I grew up. Death and illnesses are unfortunately things that are part of life, making you grow up.
In the television chapter of my life in Japan; yes, I am readdicted to morning dramas, Spring Waltz is broadcasted in Japan and even my granny is fond of Daniel Henney (Pr Daniel Miller was telling me "by these few words, you reconcile me with Japan", when I told him that grannies were craving for Korean cuties. What would he say about my granny with eyes sparkling for Daniel Henney, then, though I should be -and I am- the one crushing on him?!).
Well that's it for today, it is chilly indeed in Japan, and it will not soothe my cold. I think I miss ondol for the very first time!


Carolyn said...

great post aska, very interesting and good descriptions, but so sorry to hear about your uncle and aunt. enjoy the rest of your stay in japan and we already miss you here in seoul!

sourisencoree said...

kenchanayo ^^
I'll enjoy, though the stay is short,
and of course, miss my seoulite friends! We'll hang out for shopping and drinking again when I am back (two things I cannot afford in Tokyo o_O)

PS remember the French guys at the hookah bar, got in touch with the one wearing French socks via my blog. He was not North African, but a French-German-Chinese. World's so small!

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