Friday, April 06, 2007

WE ^^

I feel good and relieved!
Yumi told me this afternoon that the compilation on Asian TV has been sent to printer. It's just like a baby delivery, minus the fact that now that it's in a printing process, I am no more responsible for it. Freaked me out a lot, but now hell's over!
Signed sheets of papers, all in Korean, that looked like official papers. Smells like contracts, smells like good news indeed! (dong dong dong...)
Spring's there ^^ I've been nagging my colleagues for the past three weeks, on the ol' song "when are the cherry trees going to blossom?", like these kids nagging their parents in the car "daddy mummy, when are we arriving??". My colleagues did not answer "chugure" (wanna die?), showing how patient they are... and this WE, cherry trees are blossoming ^^
Anyway, now, will have dinner with Jinju gang friends!

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