Saturday, April 14, 2007

Samedi; Yeouido,shopping and healthy feeding

Sooo, what was up last Saturday?
I know, some of you may totally feel saturated by the big amount of pics with cherry blossom (or fed up, depending on the point of view). Please forgive me. But, that was so important for me. One of these "to-do" things you have in a life span. Some say "see Napoli and die". In my case, I have been to Napoli and enjoyed it, but my life would have been missing something if I had not seen the cherry blossom at least once in my life. That's it, that's done. That was a lovely experience. I love the cherry blossom. Deep inside in my heart, I felt my Japanese blood. That I kept silent that day of course, I'm in Korea, would be odd, if I remember that the Japanese brought the sakuras in Korea. The day Koreans would put a note like in museums, stating "these sakuras blossom every April thanks to the Japanese", that would be a major step forward in the Korean-Japanese relationships. Am I too utopian, too dreamy? [I know some of you may be shocked, but this is my blog. So I write there whatever I want to]
I am truly thankful to Carolyn who put up with my "ohhhhh that's so nice. ohhhhh that's so cute" during the walk in Yeouido that we really enjoyed much.

Then, the Guri Gang (part of it) (Guri Gang, aka English Teacher friends living in Guri) joined us at Dongdaemun dotta for a crazy shopping afternoon.

I am quite proud of myself as I managed to deter my friends from going to Itaewon again. Itaewon is that foreigners' area that is a bit pricey, and that makes me feel always a bit uncomfortable.

So we went to Hyewha, had some shabu shabu and loads of beers at the cat bar in Hyewha. The kittens have grown up, and the kitten loved me:) hehe
Had really a nice day Sat.

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Carolyn said...

haha! you should feel proud of yourself. hyewha was definitely a better choice.

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