Thursday, April 19, 2007

a wednesday in Chuncheon

So, Wednesday, willing or not, sick or healthy, I had to go to Chuncheon, for Pr Daniel Miller's conf on mobile com.
Well, did not regret the trip to Chuncheon.
The train from Seoul to Chuncheon was noisy as usual but, this time, the landscape was not too bad:)
Spring was there, obviously, or, it started to.
Many many flowers, sakuras, cows, on my way to Chuncheon

The conf itself was nice. Will write a more serious post on that soon
Anyway, learnt from Pr Miller what were the two main things an anthropologist has to know: to drink and to gossip. Maybe, I was born to be an anthropologist. Lol.

After the conf, my boss took us to a lovely veggie restaurant, and then to a German bar (ahhh good beer!). Pr Kim then left us, so, Pr Miller, Miran (his PhD student), Hanna and I went to two different places, the first one being pokchan machan, a traditional bar in a tent, where you drink soju for a cheap price, and a regular bar. The pokchan was really fun. Poor Hanna got her bag investigated (how can such a medium size bag contain so many things. Hanna, I'm a cool colleague, so I won't tell what was in ^^). Mine was hopefully totally packed with books (that happens once in a blue moon. My research associate status gives me the right to get 20 books for a month, so...). Pr Miller seems to be quite keen on my research projects and might be my PhD supervisor, if i do one.... we'll see

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